American Idol

Yes, it’s finally back on.  Of course, I’m not a huge fan of the auditions, just because they drag it out with the obnoxious and oblivious.  I appreciate the talent more than the wanna-bes.   But since the premiere was the Minneapolis auditions, we tuned it. Sarah and Curt came over for the fun too.  We got some Chinese takeout from the Chinese Gourmet which we’ve been meaning to try. It was excellent!  And then settled in for the humility that the contestants shadowed over Minnesota!

Early in the show, I said that I hoped there wasn’t any poor schmuck from Burnsville representing.  But of course later in the show there was!  And of course, he was told by the Simon that he represented how awful Minnesota really was… Oii!

Fortunately we were redeemed a little on Wednesday when Seattle made a poorer showing, but still.  I’ll probably watch most of the rest of the auditions, but am more excited for the Hollywood shows and after.

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