Weekend Recap

I was a total slacker last week.  For a 4 day week it totally dragged by at work.  Friday it picked up.

Last Thursday I met some former co-workers at a Happy Hour at the Local. It was a lot of fun seeing people.  Sounds like things are really changing and a lot of people are leaving. People that have been there a very long time.

Friday night, Chad and I had some of his friends over.  The men watched basketball (and played a little basketball with Chad’s new hoop in the basement).  And the ladies just hung out upstairs talking about things.  It was a very good time.  And nice to hang out with the other wives. We need to do that every once in a while to compare notes and make sure we get all the news that our husbands don’t always share with us about the group!  🙂

We also noticed that having a baby changes things, because both couples that had little ones, it was the husband telling the wife it was time to leave!

Last night we went to my company’s winter party.  It was out in Stillwater at a very charming bed and breakfast.  Since I am the newest person in the company, Chad was wondering how many people I would know.  Turned out he almost knew more!  But what can I say, I married a Social Butterfly!  The husbands of two consultants were guys Chad knew. One from high school and another from his first job after college. The party was a lot of fun. It was great getting to know more people and Chad is really looking forward to our summer outing now!

Today we were up early for church, and then came home and napped a little before the football games started.  It is Chad’s mom’s birthday, but she is sick, so we didn’t get to celebrate. Plus it snowed which made the roads a little slick today.  And we were already pretty wiped from the weekend.

Not excited for the 5-day week I have ahead of me, but we have a lot going on in the evenings so it should go by quickly. Hopefully it’s won’t be too exhausting!

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