Chad went "Wii, Wii, Wii"… All the way home

My weekdays are just not exciting.  Interviewing daycares and trying to stay caught up on sleep. That’s about it.  Oh… work too.
But last night was Friday night.  Since Sarah and Curt are getting rid of their current beer fridge, they wanted us to come over so Chad could help “clean out the fridge”.  Plus they just got a Nintendo Wii and we wanted to check that out!

We had a great time. Ordered some pizza from DoughBoys (in Hudson) which is like Ted’s Pizza (in Menomonie… college… ). Yum!!!  And we played lots of Wii!   Today we have sore arms.  And Chad keeps trying to convince me we need one. I don’t really need convincing, it’s a totally fun game.  It’s just a matter of finding a place to buy one, as they are rather hard to come by!  I can totally understand wanting to play golf with a Wii… not so much with a regular control pad.  And bowling and tennis were fun. Boxing was just plain hard, and Curt kicked my arse!

Today we did some organizing.  We threw out about 7 phone books (kept 2).  They were all current too. And all different. And we never use them, because we have this crazy new technology called the internet.  That many books gone left space for us to use the file drawer in the kitchen desk for filing things, which is a great concept! 🙂

Tonight Chad is at the Gopher Hockey Game, and I’m relaxing.  Since he’s not here, I get to control the remote.

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