Last night Sarah and Curt called to let us know that Walmart was going to have Wii’s today (last night). So at 10:30, Chad headed to the 24-hour Walmart in Shakopee to get his very own Wii! He was the last person in line, but was able to get one. Even though we’re both sore from playing on Friday, we’re both excited to get ours all set up and going!

This afternoon my parents came up, and then later my brother’s family joined us for supper. We celebrated my parents’ birthdays. I made tacos, cake, and homemade ice cream. I posted one of the recipes. Stay tuned for the others…

PS. If you haven’t been to my house, just to clarify, in the picture, the wallpaper came with the house…

2 thoughts on “Wii!!

  1. Yeah…Aaron spent the night outside at Best Buy to get his right when they came out…weirdo! I do admit, it’s dang fun though. We had our whole family playing at Christmas…I think it can be considered a workout too huh!

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