So I’ve been cooking a lot.  Or maybe not. Just in streaks.

Sunday we had Chad’s family over to celebrate his parents birthday. It was a good time as we got to fawn over my new nephew, and the men got to watch the SuperBowl and golf on the Wii.

Jana was a bit lonely as the last two times she has been here, the house was packed.  And the last time at Thanksgiving there were lots of kids to play with, including Drew and Katelyn.  She didn’t quite understand why we were opening presents, when it didn’t seem like everyone was there.  She had to settle with playing dolls with Grandpa.

Last night was book club. I don’t think any of us read the book (except Anne).  It was a good time, except that I came home sneezing…  Normally I dose up with Allegra, so Drummer (the cat) doesn’t get to me, but not this time.  Oh well.

Today I headed to work a little later, to catch up on the sleep I missed from sneezing, and oiiii..!! It was a commute.  The 3 inches of snow we had backed up traffic to the transit center.  It is only about 1.5 miles to catch the bus at that time, but it took about 35 minutes to get there.

I was ready to turn around, but I went (on my half a seat that a couple of men hesitantly offered)  Guess I need to start flaunting my big belly and not hiding it in my down coat.  See if that brings out some old-fashioned, “giving up the seat for a women” manners. At least work was productive. I had a meeting in the afternoon, which promised me more work.  I have not been having a great time filling my hours at work and feeling super productive. I get my stuff done and done well, but I have a lot of time to spare, so hopefully now that will get better.

Tomorrow Chad and I are going to the T-Wolves game… I wonder who they play.  Chad got tickets from work, and I haven’t been to a game yet this year.   So I better head to bed for some beauty sleep!

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