I did not have a real productive weekend.  Friday and Saturday we registered.   Then last night we watched World Trade Center. I think it was very well done and tasteful.  I don’t think it exploited the events of 9/11.  It did however bring to surface the feelings and emotions of that time.  I don’t feel like I’ve forgotten the day or the events, but watching the characters go through the day again, kind of brought back the memories and the feelings.  Just the uncertainty and being scared.  As much as it’s not fun to relive those feelings, it’s definitely good.  That day just changed our lives and our nation, that we can’t just leave it in the past.

Today, Sarah and I drove to Rochester. We stopped in briefly at my parents’ and then headed over to Eric and Rachel’s for lunch where we had a little Applied Math reunion. It was very fun to catch up and see everyone!

Tonight the Grammy’s are on.  And I realize that I’m not that interested, so I’m going to head to bed early!

One thought on “Weekend

  1. Hi there; I’m a first time reader to your blog (and love the layout, it’s lovely) and just have to say that I thought World Trade Center was done very tastefully. Very sad (of course) but the focus on those particular characters made it hit home.

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