Happy Valentine's Day!

Chad and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day last night.   I think it was 3 years ago when Chad went to Vegas with his friends over Valentine’s Day, so we celebrated the night before. And it was so nice!  We had a nice Private table, and the restaurants are just less crowded and busy!

So last night we had a nice quiet dinner at Giorgio’s in uptown.  Well, quiet except for the strange guy that was humming while listening to his headphones at his own table with a bottle of wine.  Very strange…

And then we headed over to the Brave New Workshop for some improv.  Another consultant that I work with right now is on an improv team, so we went to watch him. Great entertainment for $1 on a Tuesday night!

Tonight, we got some take-out from Chili’s. And then we came home watched American Idol from last night (finally done with the auditions!) and How I Met Your Mother from Monday night.  Next up is tonight’s American Idol!  I know. We’re kind of slugs, but it’s a chilly night and I’m relaxing with my Valentine!

Oh and Chad did get me a gift!  He bought me The Departed on DVD.  He claims it is for me, but I know he really really wanted it!  🙂

I hope you are all having a Happy and Warm Valentine’s Day!

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