The Secret

So many of you probably know that I am an Oprah fan. I am not religious about watching every show, but I TiVo it everyday and pick and choose which episodes appeal to me.

Last week she had a show on about a DVD and book called The Secret.  It was inspiring, but I think I got bogged down in life too quickly to absorb it.

And yesterday she had a follow up show about it already.  Since it’s the weekend and my next 3 days are not booked… I hope to be able to spend some more time absorbing “the secret” and maybe applying it to my life.

Basically, in a nutshell, it’s about energy and the laws of attraction. Positive energy attracts positive energy. Negative… well that attracts negative energy. Since everything is energy, our thoughts are energy, and those positive thoughts will attract positive energies to our lives. Negative thoughts, well negative energies… of course.   I can be negative with the best of them. I try not to be, but it’s hard. Day to day life can be frustrating. Our world is very focused on what we don’t have or what we are “fighting” off, that it’s hard to be positive about things.  But to make room for good things in our live, we have to let go of the negative.  We also need to be grateful and forgiving.
And it’s not just about positive thinking, but also about actions. We need to concentrate on what we want – not what we don’t have.  For example, instead of “I don’t want to be fat”, it should be “I want to be healthy and whole”.

For me, I usually think “I don’t want to live in an unorganized, often messy home”.  But I need to change that to be “I want my home to be my sanctuary”.

So forgive me if I am getting a little touchy-feely, but I can see why it works.  So last week, I thought about this stuff in my head for about a day, and then like lots of things going on in my head, it just got pushed to the back and ignored.  So this morning after watching Oprah, I wrote down what I want, and some things I can do to get me there.

I want my house to be my sanctuary.
I want to feel relaxed and comfortable in every room.
I want my “things” to have a space.
I want to have the energy needed to maintain my home.

What I can do:

Take time each day to clean up small areas.
Wipe down the kitchen counter and bathroom counters daily.
·        Use the shower self-cleaning spray EVERY day.
·        Put all clothes away (in their proper place) before going to bed every night.

Maximize my space by holding only on to items that bring value to my daily life. Organize different areas, so I can easily find things and put things away.
·        Clean out the desk in the kitchen – maybe a drawer at a time
·        Organize the closet in the amusement room
·        Sort through the downstairs spare bedroom
·        How many hair products do I really need in the bathroom?

Simplify and streamline tasks in maintaining a home.
·        Finish what gets started – after washing/drying laundry, fold it right away
·        Put away clean dishes when the dishwasher is done running
·        Wash up pots and pans right after dinner

Asking for specific help when needed
·        If I have a big project regarding the state of the house, ask Chad to do a specific task right away, instead of telling him “I just need help” 2 hours later.

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