OK, so last week, I thought it was “The Secret”, but now I’m thinking I’m just “nesting”… I’ve got lists of things I want to get cleaned in this house. These are lists written down in the journal Sarah gave me for my birthday. And I’m actually doing them!  Last night and tonight I worked on the “plaid” room.  I have several bags to go to Goodwill and a big bin with wall stuff that got moved but never hung up, is sorted out and I’ve figured out where I’ll hang it up. That’ll come tomorrow when Chad is home.

The good news is now once Chad gets the rest of his stuff in the room put away.  (Which should be easy, because I folded and sorted it for him) we’ll have a guest room with a door that can remain open when guests come!  Even though they may get dizzy by the over-abundance of plaid!  And Karin can be the first to try it out on Friday!

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