Scary-A$$ Drunk Drivers

Sorry for my near use of profanity on my blog. I try to keep it clean, but this stuff just pisses me off.

On Saturday night, I drove Chad and a couple friends home. I, obviously, had not been drinking at all. We left a little after 2 am, and I must say that has probably the latest we’ve been out (without staying over somewhere) since we moved to Burnsville. Even on New Years, I think we’ve left parties before 2 am. Once we were south of 494 on 35W, I remembered why I don’t like to drive after 2 a.m. (bar time). I was definitely not driving slow, and was in the middle lane, but I kept getting passed and cut off (even though the roads weren’t extremely busy). Several coming home from the bar, of those most/all probably have NO clue how few drinks it takes to reach 0.08!

And after reading this headline in the Star Tribune this morning and the combination of being slightly freaked out on Saturday by the crazy drivers, I will probably not ever want to drive home at that time again. Probably my mothering instinct now, but life seems so much more precious!

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