Springing into Spring

I learned a good lesson this weekend. And that is that when it is time to spring the clocks ahead, don’t go to a party.  I was up way too late (especially with the time change) that this morning I was just miserable.

Yesterday was a good day. In the morning Chad and I went through closets and emptied the closet in the baby’s room. Then I went over to Kyra’s for a Home Interiors open house, and then I stopped at the MOA to check out some clothes. I didn’t get anything at the mall, it was crazy busy. I did get some stuff at Ikea though to help us in our closet organization though.

Last night we went to Kyle’s for a Daylight Savings Time party.  Kyle even had little alarm clocks on strings for everyone.  I think unfortunately for him though, many people set the alarms for obscure times in the middle of the night and hid them throughout the house.

The party was fun. It has been a while since we had seen the whole gang, so we had a good time.  So we were out late.
I woke up at my normal time, but incredibly tired and even achy, just because it was a short night for sleep.

I lounged around in the morning and dozed off and on, and finally felt better in the early afternoon, and headed out to the grocery store and Hirschfield’s to get some paint swatches.  I got our paint colors picked out.  And then did some laundry and cleaning around the house.

And now it’s time for bed!  Tomorrow morning is going to come too quickly!

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