Keeping Busy

It’s hard to believe it’s only Saturday night with all the things I feel like I’ve accomplished!

Yesterday, I stayed at work long enough to know that Badgers had won!  Then I knew it was safe to come home. Chad had a friend over to watch basketball last night, so I got them to move the fridge and hutch, so I could finish taking the wallpaper down in the kitchen.

This morning our friends, Aaron, Kim, & Abby, stopped over. I made the famous pancakes again and we spent a couple hours just hanging out.  After they left, Chad and I took naps, and then went back to work on the wallpaper in baby’s room.

We finished that too, and now let the painting begin!  Yea!!

I spent the rest of the afternoon, going through the junk in our spare bedroom.  It’s not really a bedroom at this point, since there isn’t a bed in there, but there is/was a LOT of crap!  Empty boxes from someone’s electronics habit!  Pictures in frames that haven’t been displayed for over 2 years!  Quite a few VHS tapes.  Exercise stuff.  Several boxes of someone’s various clutter ranging from golf tees to ticket stubs to a BB gun(?)!!  (not mine!) The best part is that the two dressers in the spare room are now almost empty!  Empty enough that we can actually use them for things like off-season clothes, instead of ticket stubs and VHS movies!
Tomorrow I have a big load to take to Goodwill.  And my parents are coming in the afternoon too.  I don’t always enjoy having busy weekends, but I Love being productive!  Especially when it comes to organizing!

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