Oh my Exciting Friday Nights

Tonight, I got home from work, drank a grape pop, emptied the dishwasher, then filled it with the dirty dishes on the counter, made myself an egg sandwich (Chad ate leftovers) and then we watched Rocky Balboa (decent movie) and now it’s not even 9:30… and we’re calling it a night?

Yes, it is a Friday night during golf season… Saturday being the one day a week, my husband can jump out of bed at 5:30 a.m… but only for golf!  And hopefully we’ll find out soon that he can do the same for a crying baby! 

2 thoughts on “Oh my Exciting Friday Nights

  1. I love hearing other people call it “pop”. I get weird looks all the time for doing it as it’s apparently a Canadian thing. Don’t know why that just made me smile to see you wrote that. Congrats on the coming packer fan 😉

  2. Pop is a Minnesotan (and Western Wisconsin) thing too. Growing up Grandpa always had a fridge in the basement full of POP… and there was always Grape!

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