I Like Blake

American Idol… I think Lakisha and maybe Blake are in trouble this week… I don’t know. Chris Richardson did surprisingly well tonight, and I always hate seeing contestants go when they finally step it up… but he is not one of the strongest… same goes for Phil. Blake is my favorite. I actually voted tonight, just so I wouldn’t feel any guilt if he goes. I think Lakisha is so talented, she just doesn’t seem to choose good songs or really step it up.. I don’t know. She’s been off.

This is just all one person’s opinion…

Also my husband thinks he is Simon Cowell… actually it’s eerily happened several times this season that he’ll say something and then 30 seconds later, Simon will say the same thing… tonight Chad said that “Imagine” by John Lennon just isn’t a song that could be belted out… exactly how Simon put it a minute later…

5 thoughts on “I Like Blake

  1. I like Blake, too! But I agree with Chad/Simon… it needed more. I hope he doesn’t go home, my top two that might go home: Phil and LaKisha. My favorite Jordin.

  2. I agree with you on who will go home

    my favorite all year – Jordin

    and Dancing with the Stars – Not surprised Heather went home

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