Low Key

It’s frustrating right now. I know I’m supposed to take it easy. Keep my feet up. Relax… but the rest of the world isn’t doing that!  On Friday night we went to a shower hosted by Chad’s company for us, and then for another couple who are getting married in a few weeks. It was a lot of fun, but again, most people were drinking, and standing!  I think it’s much easier not to drink these days than standing for too long.  Saturday morning, I woke up exhausted… but of course couldn’t go back to sleep. Chad was heading out golfing, which again, just reminded me how everyone else gets to lead a normal life.

I decided since I was up early I would head over to my brother’s to drop off a shower present for my cousin (another shower that I didn’t go to, because of the travel time).  My mom came up to ride with Melanie and my brother was heading out to help with a Boy Scout event, so I hung out with my dad for a while. I got home probably about noon, and relaxed a little.  In the afternoon, Chad and I went out for a late lunch. I wanted to sit on the patio, but it was too hot!

After we got home, I decided to work in the yard and clean up some of the dead stuff from around the blooming plants. Our neighbors were out on their patio, so we went and talked to them for about an hour. We are so lucky to have such nice neighbors here. And Nancy also said she’d be happy to babysit. They are excited to have a baby in the cul de sac!

Today I decided that since I was feeling good other than my swollen feet, that I wanted to go to Mondovi for my great-aunt Alice’s 90th birthday party.  Both my cousins from my dad’s side were there. A second cousin I haven’t seen in years, and Aunt Marilyn, and my Aunt Bev and her husband John.  So it was fun to see everyone. I think Chad may have been a little bored, but I was glad he went. He knew how important it was.  Who knows when all these people might be together again!

As for the rest of the week… I’d be okay with a baby coming any time, although I think this one is going to hold out for awhile!  Oh well. Maybe I’ll get my floors all cleaned yet!

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