Dirty Dancing

Last night I went to see Dirty Dancing in the theater with Anne.  It was re-released (20th Anniversary) for 2 nights.  We had gone to it for the first time originally together the summer between 7th and 8th grade too.

It was a different movie experience. First of all the theater was packed, mostly with women. You could hear people saying lines (I was one of them part of the time)  The audience cheered when Johnny said “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”. And many clapped a long to their final dance too.

It was quite the nostalgic movie.  Good movie. I do remember that my parents did not want me to see it, and really, it is a pretty clean movie even for the late 80s.  I have no many times I’ve seen the movie from beginning to finish, but I do know, I have now seen in 4 times in the theater!

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