Cold Season?

I had two very minor colds this winter. Each lasting about 2 days.  Now I have had one since Thursday! 😦

Seriously this sucks. I had to go see the doctor yesterday. They said it’s just some minor bronchitis, and to treat it symptomatically. I hate taking medications anyway, but especially pregnant.  But I broke down and took some Robitussin yesterday, because I couldn’t stop coughing. Today I’m going to have to hit the Sudafed… (which I hate when I’m not pregnant).

And to go along with my cold, it’s rainy and dreary outside… But my parents are coming up today and bringing the set my mom made for the nursery!! She is very talented, and I can’t wait to see it all finished!

One thought on “Cold Season?

  1. Could you take pictures of your Mom’s finished set for the nursery and post? I would love to see it. You both make beautiful quilts, so I am sure the nursery will be beautiful.

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