Waiting On Mother's Day

Today was the first mother’s day in a long while that I have not spent the day with my mom. We normally do the Race For The Cure, but unsure of what would be going on today, we couldn’t count on participating.

So this morning, Chad and I got up for church.  On the way home we stopped for some meat at the meat market. We picked up some great Jerk Pork kabobs for lunch, and also some sauerkraut brats for dinner tomorrow.  We are loving the grilling weather!

After lunch we both fell asleep watching golf/Nascar.  I wasn’t so interested in what was on TV, as much as I was in sitting in the recliner!  After my nap, I swept and mopped my floors. They really needed it, and then I convinced Chad to let me give him a pedicure (foot soak and toenail cut) so that I don’t get sliced with his long toenails. He did not put up a fight at all, and now his feet are ready for sandal weather… Mine still need some work. Hopefully in a week, I’ll be able to reach my toes!

We both called our moms this afternoon. Just to let them know that we’re still at home just waiting! And of course to wish them a happy Mother’s Day!!

But yeah, that was my mother’s day!  Next year should be more exciting!

One thought on “Waiting On Mother's Day

  1. I hope you don’t have to wait too much longer. Sounds like you are nesting… so that is a great sign that labor is coming!

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