18 days later

Wow!  Hard to believe it has been 18 days since Maria was born!  She has definitely kept us busy, but it’s nothing we’d change… well I’d like to get more sleep, but that’s about it.

Our first week home was kept busy getting her to eat and with doctor’s visits as she was jaundiced. Last week was my time to adjust to being on my own with her during the days.

This last weekend, we felt we were in a groove. She has been sleeping decent hours at night. We’re starting to understand her expressions and cries. Plus she is more alert each day… And then came Sunday night and she got irritable, but you’d be irritable too, if you were constipated!  We’re back to normal now… and it’s still hard to get things done during the days, but we’re figuring out how to accomplish a little more each day.  Like today, I showered and made it to the mailbox before 10! And we even took a walk this afternoon! 

Right now, Maria is awake, but sitting in her bouncy seat (Thanks to Abby for loaning us hers!)  I get to type with both hands for a little bit!

Here are some pictures from recent days. It’s amazing how much she has changed already.


Here she is last Friday. 2 weeks old!


Our first walk…  she was a lot happier once the stroller started moving!


I was alert this morning in my bouncy seat, so Mom snapped this shot to show off my big eyes!

2 thoughts on “18 days later

  1. what a cutie. if you ever have mommy questions, you can ask me. disclaimer: i am NOT an expert, and i don’t play one on tv.

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