Busy Little Girl

We have had a busy few days!  I can’t believe Maria will be a month old next Monday!

This past weekend we went to Cousin Drew’s 7th birthday party!  His first birthday where I relinquished my cake baking duty!  But Melanie did a great job with the Snickerdoodle Cake!

This weekend Nicki also came over to meet little Maria. Maria was pretty good for her. Maybe because Nicki got to share in the bottle duty with Chad!  Grandma and Grandpa M. also came over to give me a break. I got to vacuum and clean up the kitchen.  May not sound like a break, but when you spend so much time in a dirty home, it really is a break!

Yesterday we went to the doctor for a weight check.  Breastfeeding has not been going real smoothly the last few days, so they wanted to check her weight. Turns out she is an over-achiever and exceeded the 3.5-7 oz weekly weight gain for her age. She weighed in at 9 lb 7 oz yesterday.  But she is still a peanut to us!

Today Beth and Kyle came over to meet Baby Maria.  Kyle was disappointed that Maria couldn’t go to the park with them, but we told him maybe next time. Sarah also came over in the afternoon and vegged out with us in the basement. There was a Project Runway marathon on Bravo, that I made her watch!

Tomorrow we have a Mommy and Baby class with other new babies and their moms.  And we have to get to the store for diapers…  Should be an exciting day for us!  Ha!

Here are some pictures from the last few days…  







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