Bath Day

I left Chad again today and went and got my haircut.  It sounds like she was an angel while I was gone. She had time in her swing and bouncy seat!  So good.  When I got home she was still in her bouncy seat, so Chad and I ate quickly.  When she started crying, Chad picked her up to try her playmat, but I noticed a big wet stain on the back of her outfit.  She wasn’t crying because she was bored, she was crying because she had pooped through the back of her cute outfit!

We quickly declared it bath day, and tried out her bath tub for the first time. She didn’t like it. But she does like the cuddly Pooh bath bag after her bath. Enough so she even took a nap in it!

This picture is about the closest we get to a smile still, but it’s still precious!


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