Sunday Best

Today we got up and got ready for church. Maria (in this cute dress from Kris) was a doll at church. She was actually awake the whole way through church and with minimal fussiness. She did squawk when I was holding her in front during communion, but was quickly over that once I changed position.

Hopefully next week is the same as she is getting baptized!

maria-142-resized.jpg maria-149-resize.jpg

One thought on “Sunday Best

  1. Isn’t it great when they behave? 🙂 Our little angel was soo good in church today too! It’s only the 2nd time we’ve gone with her, the first was when she was only 5 weeks and slept the whole time. She was awake this time and only fussed for couple of minutes until we gave her a bottle! Hooray for good babies!

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