No More Excuses

Last night, Chad and I with Maria in tow purchased an elliptical machine.  We’ve been considering this for awhile, but were a little taken back by how much they cost when we ventured out last spring to look at them!

Luckily for us, my parents don’t want to see us get any fatter, so they helped us get the model we wanted!  The hard part was that Chad is so much taller than I am, that we really wanted one with adjustable strides.

We knew exactly which one we wanted from 2nd Wind Exercise.  And the last time we were in there, the salesman we spoke with seemed to be really ready to negotiate, so Chad was ready to haggle last night.  So we headed out to the store here in Burnsville.

The guy we met with last night there told us they were discontinuing the model we wanted, so we could get a great deal on the floor model.  Interesting. It was about $600 less than the sticker price, but by the time you add in tax, delivery, extended warranty (after all it was the floor model) it was right back up there.  Chad wanted to think about it. He wasn’t crazy about getting a floor model, and the sales guy was a bit odd.  (He kept talking about himself) Oh and 3 months free financing.
So then we decided to go down the road to the 2nd Wind in Lakeville.  Funny thing was that the guy there didn’t say they were discontinued.  But there was an instant rebate which brought the price $50 lower than the floor model we would have purchased in Burnsville! And with 6 months free financing. Chad tried to get him to throw in a free mat, but the guy explained that he already gave him the lowest price, that the salespeople have the option to sell at any price above that. We did end up getting it in Lakeville and our salesman even threw in a free Dick Enrico bobblehead for our new exercise room!

It should be delivered next week, so now I have to clean out that room!

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