Sizing Her Up

Well, I posted about how much Maria has grown, and one thing she has grown out of is the papasan chair she borrowed from Abby. Since we’re returning the chair today, yesterday we decided to take her picture in it, so we could really see the size difference a month makes!

June 13 July 13

maria-149-smaller.jpg maria-173-resized.jpg

Now there is kind of a funny story behind this chair. Maria had a couple weeks where dirty diapers were few and far between. And somehow she always seemed to be in this chair when she finally would give us a dirty diaper. And yesterday when I took the picture, she was all smiles. Little did we know until we picked her up and smelled her, did we know the smiles were because she had tried filling her pants… but it somehow came out the side of the diaper. So she had messy pants, a messy outfit, and a messy chair! Luckily it all cleaned up well in the washer!

And she cleaned up well too! Here is her picture in just a diaper after the mishap. A great shot to see her round little belly!


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