The last couple days

The last couple days have been busy!  I can’t believe how fast my maternity leave is going!  I am really enjoying the life of non-working mom!  Here’s some pictures from the last couple days.


Maria loves her playmat! She will play and talk to the giraffe for over 1/2 hour.


She doesn’t hate Tummy Time, which is good, because the doctor told us we need to do more of this, because Maria wouldn’t pick her head up like this at her 2 month appointment, even though she does it at home. She just can’t be sleepy or hungry (she’ll suck on the mat/blanket facedown).


Today Maria went to the Mall of America for the first time.  She hates all dressing rooms and will cry every time I take her in one. Luckily Sarah came with us and took care of her while I tried on clothes and shoes!  Sarah’s going to be such a good mom!


She smiles after she toots.  (She’s going to hate that I posted that when she’s older!)


Here’s Maria with her latest gift. A soft bunny with her name embroidered on it.  She smiles at the bunny when I hold it up for her.

2 thoughts on “The last couple days

  1. Oh, she is so stinkin’ cute! As for the maternity leave… It always passes too quickly. Just about the time you start feeling back to normal and really enjoying things, it’s over. Soooo sad!

  2. I agree it goes way too fast. I go back on the 8th. Not looking forward to it!!! Maria’s a doll and I totally agree after watching Sarah with Nolan- she will be a great Momma 🙂 We just have to get her to do a poopy diaper!

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