Wedding and a Shower

Yesterday I went to my friend Carrie’s wedding. Chad was not back from his work retreat up north, so I dropped Maria off at her Grandma’s and went to Eau Claire. (the dropping off turned out to be more cumbersome than planned, because 35W was closed and Maria was hungry, so detouring through downtown Minneapolis with a crying baby in the backseat was not fun!)

Once we got there though, things were smooth, she calmed down, and I headed for Eau Claire. I did allow a little extra time to shop for Maria in Eau Claire. Found exactly what she needed – a little Packer cheerleader outfit! That’s what Daddy gets for letting Mommy go to a wedding by herself!

The wedding was so nice and I saw a ton of people that I hadn’t seen in years! Carrie was a beautiful bride and I finally met her (now) husband, Kerry!  (yes, Carrie and Kerry)


Today we went to a couple’s baby shower for Jason and Joana. It was a lot different than the party they threw last year! About 10 extra babies! A lot has changed in the last year! It was a good time! Maria was a good girl and we got to see a lot of friends! All in all a good weekend!

One thought on “Wedding and a Shower

  1. Ok – a few comments:

    1) Yay!!! Packer outfit!!! I am traveling to the holiest of holy grounds (a/k/a Lambeau Field) next weekend for Packers Family Fun Night.

    b) If they ever start building my house and if I ever get to move in…I am SO getting DirectTV, so I can get NFL Sunday Ticket…PACKERS PARTIES (all munchkins welcome)

    3) Ok – I have done the math and I’m fairly certain I am the last person I know who is still alive and, yet, not married. Now, I’m depressed…

    d) I need a marker, so I can draw myself into the picture above.

    5) Could Maria be any cuter???

    f) If one is researching potential fathers – at what point does theater as a hobby become too much…(we both know I’m not good at judging such things)

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