A Night of Several Firsts

Maria went down in her crib about 9, but had fallen asleep on Chad probably around 8:15 or 8:30 last night.


So at 2, I woke up because I hadn’t heard from her… and then again at 3:30.  3:30 is the latest she had ever slept before without waking.  I hadn’t heard a peep all night, so I went to check in on her. She had turned 90 degrees in her crib and was asleep with her feet up on the gate.  SHe has never moved that much before last night.

I went back to bed. At 4:30, I heard her a little again. I went back in. Her feet were now facing in the opposite direction from how we laid her down.  And she was sucking (slurping) on her thumb! Another first (since ultrasounds in March!) and she was awake!


So once she was up, she sucked down her bottle, and went back to sleep until after 7!

This is the longest she’s ever slept!  We knew she was tired, because she hardly slept yesterday afternoon. We went to the mall, and I put the handle back on her stroller and she was just watching the world the whole time!  I figured she’d sleep at home, but she didn’t.

Now I just hope she can start sleeping longer like that again.. And I hope she can keep the pacifier in the mouth, so she doesn’t get used to that thumb!

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