A Day At Camp

Yesterday Maria and I made the long trek up to Luther Park to visit for the day. My parents are up there for their annual week at Family Camp.  We had a good time and Maria got a lot of “Grandma” time and some time with Grandpa too!  (She also got a lot of time with her other grandma on Tuesday, so she’s pooped today!)


Facing out in the Baby Bjorn is much more fun for her! And easier for Grandma, because Maria is probably pushing 15 lbs these days!


Lots of time in Grandma’s arms, and I didn’t give Maria a bottle all afternoon!


Grandma shared her quilt with Maria for naptime.  What a great way to spend a beautiful day overlooking the lake!

One thought on “A Day At Camp

  1. Outstanding! I can already picture her as a counselor! LPBC…the next generation…

    Side note – I have cleared my calendar for the 75th event at LPBC. (I say “clear” and yet, I already have an all-day CLE on 9/14.) But, I understand it is on the 15th, too…I plan to make that if that is correct. I’m hoping others that I know do, as well.

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