Three Months Old

Maria is 3 months old today!  Again.. can’t believe it’s only been 3 months and that it’s already been 3 months!  Lately, she’s been giggling occasionally. Yesterday she went from back to tummy twice (and hated being on her belly).  Plus she is still growing like a weed!

Today we went to my brother’s. Maria got some good quality time with her Aunt Melanie, and got to see her Uncle Mike and cousins (although Elizabeth napped most of the time we were there, and Katelyn and Drew were busy playing too)  Her grandpa and grandma (Chad’s parents) also came over tonight for dinner, because it had been 10 days!   Maria got lots of cuddles today!

 3 Months Old!

Lunch with Aunt Melanie

Elizabeth, Katelyn, Drew, & Maria

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