So you don't think I'm ignoring her

I realize I have had several posts without any pictures of my darling Maria! I must say having her at daycare has definitely caused me to re-focus for part of the day, but by early afternoon, I am missing her, and wondering what she’s doing… has she had a meltdown? is she napping in a crib? how much formula has she had? has she pooped? (that’s always the big question)

Today I picked her up around 3:45. We came home. Aunt Marilyn is in town, so I talked to her on the phone for a little bit. Then Maria went down for a nap. When she got up, Grandma called to see how she was doing. Then we went over to our neighbors’, Ron and Nancy. Yesterday afternoon, Nancy showed up here with cookies, hoping that would be enough to let her see the baby. But Maria was at daycare, so I promised to bring her over later. Last night was a wash with other things, so tonight we went over. Nancy held Maria and rocked her. Even gave her a bottle, and Maria went right to sleep… until Nancy picked her up and put her on her shoulder. That set her off… I’m guessing a bubble moved around in her tummy and upset her, because after a good burp, she settled down.

Once home, Maria took another 2 ounces and pretty much settled down for bed, but not before posing for this photo.


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