Long Weekend

It really wasn’t a long weekend, we just had a lot going on, especially considering we didn’t leave town.On Friday I picked up my Aunt Marilyn who is in town (staying downtown Mpls) and brought her back to our house. She had dinner with us and got to hang out with Maria. I got her back downtown before 10 (because 35W south of downtown was closing for the weekend then.)

On Saturday, I was up bright and early to get to the grocery store and bake and decorate Elizabeth’s birthday cake. That process was definitely slower than it has been in the past, because I’ve never done it while taking care of an infant! 🙂

We went to Elizabeth’s first birthday party late afternoon. (Chad didn’t make it… fantasy football draft). It was a fun party. We got to see everyone’s entries for the time capsule, and she got some presents too. I think she liked the box I wrapped her beach towel in more than the towel itself, I think!

Elizabeth did love her cake! (I made her her very own cake to dig into) At first she just dug in and played. I even put some in her mouth and she didn’t quite get it, until I put her hand with cake all over it in her mouth… and then she was sooo happy! Melanie took the cake away from her, because she wasn’t slowing down at all!

elizabeth-first-birthday-018-small.jpg elizabeth-first-birthday-024-small.jpg


Maria also got some good attention from her cousin Drew who got out toys for her and got on the floor and talked to her.


Today, we didn’t get up quite so early, but early enough. I put some French Dip in the crockpot for lunch, and made breakfast before heading out to pick up Marilyn. She came over to watch the Packers and spend the day with us and my parents who spent the night last night. I got down there early, since I had to detour there and wanted to avoid the Vikings traffic as well!

It was a nice day. The Packers won and I survived week 1 of my Survivor Pool… Plus the weather was gorgeous and Maria was an excellent napper! Plus this weekend she started grabbing and holding onto toys and other things with both hands. She also is working very hard to maneuver her pacifier into her mouth herself. And she is grabbing her toes and holding onto them.

Giggles With Grandma hosted on Vimeo.
Now it’s getting back into work-week mode after a busy weekend…

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