Good Deal!

So I have been told by several other mom’s that I shouldn’t wait to buy Maria’s Winter Outerwear as store’s don’t usually replenish coats and buntings throughout the season.  So this is tough.  Trying to find something now that will fit through March.  And since it’s kind of a gamble, you hate to spend a lot of money…

So I have been hitting the stores trying to find something. I was all set to buy a cute little pink snow suit at Macy’s yesterday, when I decided to just stop in at TurnStyle Consignment in Rosedale.  And “yeahh!!”  I found a Gap Red Snowsuit size 6-12 months for $10.50!  It is in really good shape, doesn’t have any signs of wear. The best part was that I had $6.30 in my account (from sale of my stuff) so it was only $4.20. And I prefer the red, because it is gender neutral, in case someday we have a boy. Gotta love consigning!

I also found her a cute lighter weight winter coat for fall/spring at Kohl’s the other day ($20). It’s a size 12 months, and big, but lightweight enough the sleeves roll up well. And with the bunting that will fit her for early winter from my sister-in-law, I think we’re set.

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