Weekend Update

Another super busy weekend…  Too much going on in September!

Friday night Chad and I sat down to get our game plan together for the weekend and realized that our original plan of heading up to camp for the 75 year all staff reunion was not going to be super easy.  And since it’s almost 2 1/2 hours each way there, taking Maria wouldn’t necessarily be easy either.  So last minute we changed our Saturday plans…

Saturday morning, I headed over to Heather’s to meet baby Finnegan (and didn’t take any pictures!). I made her the yummy Ember’s pancakes. We both decided we’d rather have the Aunt Jemima corn syrup syrup, instead of the real stuff!

Maria and I also made a quick stop at Joann Fabrics in Maple Grove for a project I’m working on… top secret right now…

Saturday evening, since we ended up being in town, we went to a party with the other people from the Mommy and Baby class Maria and I took earlier this summer. It had been since mid July since we had all been together, and even though everyone was not able to be there, it was fun to see everyone again and see how big all the babies had grown.  Funny though to go to a party at 5 and everyone was leaving by around 8!

Sunday, Maria and I were up early. (It’s funny how I have to wake her up to go to daycare, but she wakes up early on the weekends!) I baked a cake for Jana’s birthday party.  Once she went down for her morning nap, I ran to Target. When I got back, I started on the decorating of the cake, while tuned in to the Packer game on the new TV Chad bought for the kitchen. 🙂

The cake turned out great. It was Cinderella. I always get so frustrated decorating this cake, because there is a lot of detail and the instructions aren’t the most streamlined… BUT to see how excited all the little girls at her party later that afternoon made it all worth it!

So yes.. after decorating the cake, it was pretty much time to head over to the party.  It was a good time!  Lots of people, Maria got some good Grandma time (and a nap) plus she made some other friends and we found a good babysitter (for when Grandma can’t make it!)



Jana and I and Cinderella

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