A Week of Firsts

Our little girl is growing so quickly!

Last Saturday we moved her bathtub from the kitchen counter into the bathtub where it coverts to a bath seat.  She has adapted quite well to baths in the big tub. Lots more to look at!  And we’ll have to get her some toys besides her rubber ducky!

The last couple weeks we’ve also noticed her eyes watching us when we eat. Watching our forks and spoons go from plate to mouth.  So today, we decided to try cereal. And she loved it. She had no problem getting it off the spoon and down the hatch (as my dad would say) !

maria-031-small.jpg maria-036-small.jpg

And today, Maria went on her first shopping excursion with Grandma (Chad’s mom).  She was a trooper and only took a couple short naps.  Hopefully that means she sleeps well tonight!


I think the next couple weeks hold another first – A tooth!  With all the drool and fussiness, we’ve found that the chilled teether sometimes is the only thing that soothes her!  Should be interesting to see how it all goes!

And tomorrow we are going to see her other grandparents (my parents). Her first trip to their house! I’m guessing she might get shown off to some neighbors!  After all, who can resist a cute baby wearing a Packer cheerleading outfit!

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