Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day 

What a great day to write and tell you about my favorite new purchase!  Sarah and I have been discussing how much we hate plastic and paper bags.  Sure I can usually find a way to reuse them (garbage, etc), but really, I don’t need them!  So after some online investigation, we split a pack of Envirosax.  I used mine several times this weekend when I was out shopping with Heather and Karin!  It’s so nice that my paper bag stash in my kitchen corner has shrunk down. And my plastic bag organizer under the sink is not overflowing! Plus they hold a lot more than just the average plastic shopping bag! And roll up small, so they’re easy to carry in my purse.

I also think California is awesome for requiring all stores who provide plastic bags produced with petroleum to provide free recycling and also reuseable bags for sale!  I have a bag from Trader Joe’s, and know Cub and Rainbow offer the boxes. Byerly’s has bags for sale now too.. Ikea now requires you to buy any bags you need for taking home their merchandise. When will Target get in the game?  Their cashiers always look at me funny when I show up with my own bags.

Any of you have a favorite reusable bag?  Or another way I can help de-clutter my house and earth? (Yes, I’m asking for feedback…)

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