On Thursday evening, Maria went down early. Even without finishing her bottle, but I heard her fussing on and off in her crib. After she’d been down for about 90 minutes, she woke up crying. I couldn’t console her for more than 10 minutes at a time for about 2 hours.

My mom thought it was an earache, since she’d had a cold, and was only happy when she was upright.  So we headed to the ER at 11 pm.  Not fun, especially since Daddy was out of town for work.

Once there, she only was happy after the doctor looked in her ears. She had the beginning of an ear infection. So now she is on antibiotics, which she does not like and spits it out if it’s not disguised in her formula!

She was doing much better yesterday and today too. She even slept 13 hours last night. I’m sure to make up for the short night she had on Thursday.  And she even went back down for a nap after being up for a while.

Hopefully she gets up from her nap in good spirits, because we’re heading out to a fall/pumpkin carving party later!

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