What a Weekend…

I feel like the weekend has been endless, but at the same time I don’t know where it went!

Friday, I didn’t do a lot. I made some Halloween cards for the grandparents and family. Caught up on my Thursday night TV, and did some serious Craigslisting… bought toys for Maria, got rid of my extra pump, and found someone to fix our garage door. All excited about Craigslist and then saw this on the news last night. I’ve often thought that I should be careful and only meet people at coffee shops or other public venues, and now I definitely think I will!

Saturday, Maria and I met Sarah for some shopping in Woodbury. Nothing super exciting, but we got to see Sarah for a little bit, and both Maria and I got some new clothes. Sarah did too!

Today, we went to church. It was Confirmation Sunday, so church was packed! Of course, Maria did not want to be quiet, so she went to the nursery for part of the service. Chad brought her back later and she took her bottle, then let out a very loud burp during a quiet part of church. Chad and I also signed up for working in the nursery later this month, since they are often short handed, and we will be using it! Plus I figure it is a good way to meet other parents at church.

This afternoon, I went to the grocery store (twice, since I got to the checkout the first time and realized I didn’t have my wallet. They were able to just hold my order though!) Then we went to Katelyn’s 5th birthday party. It was a costume party, so Maria wore her costume again for a little bit. It’s a bit warm for her when we’re inside.

I can’t believe Katelyn is 5! I was unemployed when she was born, so I saw them quite a bit when she was a little baby. I didn’t get any great pictures. She had a kids party that merged into the family party, so all the kids were a little wiped out!

Now back to work tomorrow.. ugh.

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