I realize looking back at my photos that I didn’t take any pictures of Maria dressed up on Halloween. Bad mom? I do have pictures of her dressed up from previous weeks though.

I do have a picture of the beautiful flowers Chad got me for our 4th anniversary on the 1st! He also got me a Kodak Easy Share picture frame, so that we don’t have to decide which picture of Maria is the cutest!

Friday I went to the doctor, because my knee cracks every time I go upstairs… She took x-rays, but said it is probably early stages of arthritis due to running. I’m not supposed to run anymore… (as if I could if I wanted to at this point!) and depending on the x-ray results she will probably recommend physical therapy.

Saturday, Maria spent the morning with her cousins while I ran some errands, including stopping at Whole Foods to pick up some biodegradable Twist clothes and loofah sponges to try.

Then in the evening, Chad stayed home to parent, while I went to Nicole’s baby shower. It was a fun time to catch up with some of the girls!

This morning I had a marathon shopping morning at Target. I had a 10% coupon from my red card. I was up early and organized my long list, and pulled out all the coupons. The goal is to make it through the month with only buying diapers and formula the one time. Since we’re still new to baby food, I didn’t over do that. I actually had to check out 2 times at Target, because my cart was full before I even started with the big people groceries!

After I got home, I watched the Packers advance to 7-1! I watched the game in the kitchen while I mixed up some cookies. I also had some chicken leftover from earlier in the week, so I made some chicken noodle casserole for the freezer, and then I made dinner. Spaghetti Casserole – half a pan now and half a pan in the freezer.

Maria is into chewing everything and loving the “real” food we’ve been giving her. So far green beans and squash. She’s still loving cereal and her bottles too. I feel like she’s been eating a ton and I’m not ready for another growth spurt! I’d like her to wear her clothes more than 5-6 times!

Oh, and she is rolling from tummy to back. We know it’s now intentional, because she does it every time we put her on her belly. I even caught her on video.. not sure why she decided to cry once I talked to her!

Rolling Over hosted on Vimeo.

One thought on “Update

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Thought for sure you, Chad, and Maria would be all decked out for Halloween in some creative fashion. Something to look forward to in future years.

    Saw you posted on Babycheapskate. Was surprised to see someone I knew.

    Love reading about your sweet baby. What a blessing!


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