I’m lousy with my blog the last couple weeks.. Here’s what’s going on in our lives (or at least mine):

  • Maria is on antibiotics for an ear infection again. Not sure if the first never went away or it’s totally different. She also has a new cold. She’s getting better.
  • I am co-hosting a baby shower for Sarah this weekend. House needs to be cleaned magically in the next couple days! But I have some fun projects that I may reveal after the shower, so it doesn’t blow it for everyone!
  • I started back on Weight Watchers.. only doing it online. I wasn’t good at lunch today. But at least Chad finished off the Apple Cinnamon Chip cookies for me!
  • Started to think about Christmas shopping. Yikes! It’s that time of year!
  • Chad found 2 dead mice in the garage on Monday when he moved the garbage bins. It’s that time of year too!
  • Maria is getting close to sitting up. Sometimes she can do it, if she doesn’t move too much, else she loses her balance!
  • She also squeals in a high pitched tone every time she sees herself in the mirror.
  • Sarah is babysitting Maria tonight. Good practice for Sarah! šŸ™‚
  • I LOVE! You can find anything out there! Wallets, purses, prints, calendars, Christmas ornaments, rugs… Definitely going to do some Christmas shopping there!
  • Sarah also has me addicted to checking every day to see their featured product of the day.
  • Chad wants me to make pecan pie next week for Thanksgiving. Anyone have any good pecan pie recipes?
  • Project Runway starts tonight! Cool that we have Bravo HD now!
  • I want to sew. I wish I didn’t have a job, so I could have time to sew! I wish my job was sewing for my own etsy shop. I have fabric for projects… now need time for projects!
  • My house is always a mess… need time to clean! Need suggestions on how to find a housekeeper!
  • I also want a Cricut machine… but seriously doubt I’d use it enough to justify the cost! Maybe if I had an etsy shop, I could sell things I cut on my Cricut machine?
  • Anyone have any suggestions on what to get daycare provider for Christmas??
  • Oh and I’ll be 34 tomorrow.. I think that’s officially the mid-30s. If you’ve known me for a while, you know that it’s weird that I haven’t been counting down the days or planning a party. No, I don’t plan my own birthday party for the gifts. It’s because I love to throw parties, so throwing my own birthday party is like a big present for myself! But honestly I’m more excited to be throwing a shower for Sarah then planning my own birthday party!
  • That’s it for now unless you want my grocery list I’ve been constructing in my head!

3 thoughts on “Notes

  1. Sounds like you have been very busy. Don’t worry about the house. Mine feels like it is always a mess too. šŸ˜¦

    I got CJ’s three teachers last year some hand lotion and antibacterial soap. They can always use that with all the kids running around. The year before that I got them some movie tickets.

  2. Daycare Provider- I get her a free haircut from her stylist, add in a gift certificate for nearby coffee shop, restaurant… tell her to pamper herself for an afternoon. She enjoyed that gift.

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