What a weekend, I ended up doing less than I thought…

Friday night I did not make it to book club.. which was fine, because Maria has been having a hard enough time getting to bed, but I did miss the time with the ladies…

Saturday I woke up.. it wasn’t snowing yet, but it started around 8 and snowed ALL day! I left around 11 a.m. to take Maria to her grandparents for the night because Chad was having the guys over for his birthday that night. I slid on the interstate right after I got on it, so got off at the next exit and came straight home.

Maria and I spent the afternoon cleaning and cooking… at least I did! But she helped by taking naps! I also took a cue from Kelly and got her a self-feeder at Target on Friday. Saturday morning, I gave her frozen blueberries and peaches. She loved the blueberries! I then put on Baby Einstein and situated her in her high chair, so I could get some baking done.


Last night, Chad’s friends made it over (no one let the snow stop them. Maria was very aware that the house was full of people, and she did not want to miss a thing and would not go to bed until 10:30.

Needless to say she napped well today! Not sure if she’s going down tonight. I think sh thought it was naptime, not bed time…

Also today Nicki and Heather came over and we baked Christmas cookies, I think 6 different kinds total for the freezer! Not much else. What can I say?

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