My Online Shopping Savers

I’ve been using 2 websites to help me with my online shopping.  The first is where you can go and look up different coupon/promotion codes for different online retailers.  It allows users to vote on if the codes work or not, so you don’t spend a ton of time going through useless codes. Plus there often are several codes, so you can figure out how to get the best deal.

The second website is  Basically you have an account, and you sign in and select the site you want to shop at.  If the site you’re looking for is listed it will often list a cash back percentage.  Often 1-4%, which adds up.  Ebates sends out the balance from your account if it’s over $5 quarterly.  Pretty cool.  The only catch is that you must go through ebates website to earn the cash back.  I have forgotten several times where the savings would have been fairly significant.. dang it… but still, it doesn’t take much extra time and it’s more savings!

Just thought I’d pass on some info… probably old news to some of you, but maybe new news to others!

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