My Recent Projects

I’ve been sewing again. A few things for Sarah and Curt’s little one who will be arriving in the next month or so!

A changing pad and burp cloth. Flannel. Loved the squirrels. I think Sarah was a little nervous when I asked her if she liked squirrels! šŸ™‚


And a blanket. The brown fabric is flannel and I’m not sure what the green is… It’s kind of like minky, but kind of not. It’s just very very soft.


Then today, I wanted a blanket for Maria to keep in the car. So I went out in the horrible weather (not knowing how horrible it was), bought fleece and made this “No Sew Fleece Blanket”. It went super fast and cost only about $7 because I had a coupon. The only thing that could have been easier was maybe if I had fancy scissors like my mom’s that have a spring in them…


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