Maria’s First Christmas

We had a very good Christmas holiday!

We spent Christmas Eve with Chad’s family at his parents house. Maria didn’t get to enjoy much of the present opening as it came right at bed time. Luckily her cousin Jana was glad to help her open her presents so she could go to bed!

We got up Christmas morning and checked our stockings. Maria got her very own remote control! She even checks the TV after she pushes the buttons! (Mommy got an iPod Nano! and Daddy got the Blake Lewis CD! Mommy must have been very good!) Maria also opened her big gift from Chad and I, then Chad put it together.

We spent Christmas day at home after my family agreed that waiting to the 26th would be best for everyone. Chad’s parents gave us a turkey breast on Christmas eve for us to make the next day, and then they came down, we all watched Christmas Vacation, and then ate a turkey dinner. (My first attempt at a turkey breast in the crockpot! I will definitely be doing that again!)

The 2nd day of Christmas (or Boxing Day) we went to Rochester to spend with my family. It was a nice day! Everyone was well rested, all the kids were fun and good. It was nice having the extra day and not feel so rushed or over-spent. Maria was good, went down for a nap (on the floor of the den) without any fuss. And we all got lots of good presents.

All in all it was a very nice holiday!

Grandma made Maria a stocking

A new Book!


Daddy got my new house built!

Grandma made me a dress too! And Mommy was too lazy to crop this photo, so you can see her hand too!

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