Out with the Old… In with the New

We had a very nice “long” weekend.  Actually it was short for me, but still relaxing!

  • I worked on Friday morning to make up some December hours missed due to holidays and teething!
  • Saturday we headed to the zoo for a couple hours. (Pictures below) It’s so nice that it’s close and we have an annual pass! We definitely don’t feel like we have to get our money’s worth all in one day!
  • Sunday we hung out at home and watched football. I got a quick trip to the mall in too!
  • Monday I worked a half day again in the morning.
  • Monday afternoon, while Maria napped, I made some wontons and meatballs to take over to Heather’s for New Year’s Eve.
  • We spent the evening at Heather’s with her family and with Karin! Ate a whole lot of yummy appetizers! After the kids went to bed, we played Scene-It (the movie version) a couple times.
  • Chad and I packed up and woke up Maria to drive home around 11:15. We made it in time for Maria to have a bottle and go back down before the new year!  I was in bed at 12:05 am!
  • Yesterday, Karin (and Jackson) came over and we went out to lunch and shopping. Maria hung out with us girls, and Jackson stayed home with Chad.
  • Back to work for both of us today… oh…

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