Winding Down in the Windy City

Friday morning I flew out bright and early to visit Karin in Chicago!  It was a relaxing and fun trip!  Strange to be without Maria, but very relaxing!  And such a quick trip, that my one bag was only half full! (We took more to Maria’s cousins birthday party today than I did to Chicago!)

  • Landed in Chicago right before 9.
  • Took the el back to Karin’s. Stopped at Starbuck’s before going home.
  • Watched Grey’s and 30 Rock.
  • Went out for lunch.
  • Went to The Bucket List. A good movie for a Friday afternoon.
  • Did some shopping on Michigan Avenue (Ann Taylor Loft, Pottery Barn, Room and Board)
  • Met Aunt Marilyn for an early dinner at Bandera’s
  • Headed back to Karin’s for magazines, internet surfing, and more talking!
  • The next morning after showers, we had brunch at a place called Yolk.
  • Then went out to do some typical shopping at Target, DSW, and the grocery store.
  • Headed to the airport, where I watched part of the 2nd quarter of the Packer game before boarding my flight!

All in all a good time! Got home, and watched the 2nd half of the Packer game (they won in the snow!) on the DVR, while I made Luke’s birthday cake.

This morning, Maria and I went to Target and then home to decorate the cake. Then Luke’s birthday party this evening!  Good (busy) weekend!   Topped off with a Dallas loss, so the Packers will be HOSTING the NFC Championship next week! Woo hoo!

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