Blah Blah Blah

Yes, the winter blues.  It’s just that time of year, where things are kind of slowing down, but hibernating just isn’t that much fun. But this weekend it’s necessary, because today our high was -5 degrees!  Yes, that is a NEGATIVE number!  Brrr!! That wasn’t even with the wind chill!

Work is busy, and my contract end date has been set as February 14th. Which means my company will start marketing me for another contract, which means I’m back to worrying about my commute and the number of hours I’ll be working each week. I’d like it to be less than 35. We’ll see!  Last week I worked more than that, as work is busy. But that’s good. I’m making up for hours I’ve missed earlier in the month, and won’t need to use my PTO.

Maria is doing great. Her 2nd tooth finally was poking through this morning. She won’t let me actually see it, but I can feel that it is through! She turned 8 months yesterday. I’m curious to see how big she is, but we don’t go to the doctor until next month.  I can’t believe she is 8 months old already! She has been so easy lately. She goes down easily for naps (even if they’re short) and at night. She absolutely LOVES her bath now that she figured out how to splash with her feet! In fact, she hangs on to her little chair in the tub so I can’t easily pull her out.

Looking forward to tomorrow. We are meeting Chad’s parents for lunch. It’ll actually be Maria’s first restaurant experience unless you count Davanni’s or Perkins for lunch when she was less than 2 months old and she just slept in her carseat!

Then of course tomorrow night, looking forward to the big game! Kind of glad I’m not going! As much fun as Lambeau would be for the NFC Championship, I’ll be happy to be watching the Packers at home on the big screen warm and toasty and not driving across the state of Wisconsin in one day!

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