Snot, Pink Eye, Ear Infection, and More Snot

Yes, Maria is sick again!

She was pretty stuffed up when she got up on Tuesday morning. I still took her to daycare. But when I picked her up her eye was teary and all red. And her nose was running like a fountain. I couldn’t get her into the doctor until Wednesday morning, where they confirmed the pink eye, but also found an ear infection!

So now we are home with her, as she can’t go to daycare for 24 hours.  (Noon today)  She has had trouble sleeping, because she gets so stuffed up, but otherwise I’m the mom with the kid who has snot just dripping down her face. She doesn’t like it when I come after her with a burp cloth or snot rag as we call it now!

The worst part is that this is keeping us from going to visit my friend Sarah and her new baby. 😦

One thought on “Snot, Pink Eye, Ear Infection, and More Snot

  1. You have a good eye! I do have a Corolla (2005).

    Poor Maria, it’s no fun being sick! I’ve never had pinkeye in my life or seen it in person so I wouldn’t know what to even look for.

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