The Big Upgrade

No, not my blog. Our home PC! Yes, we did it. Last year (2006) our Christmas present to ourselves was a video camera in April (2007)!  This year (Christmas 2007) we got a computer in January (2008).

It looks sweet! Chad has it all set up. I have only touched the keyboard briefly and only to keep Maria from pushing every button! Busy busy, because she’s been sick.

My question to all of you out there is photo editing software!  Yes, I am upgrading from the Olympus stuff that came with our first digital camera, because we’re finally going to have enough memory to handle something new!

We received Pinnacle as a Christmas gift for our video editing (because we stopped using the video camera, because we couldn’t edit it!)  But I’ve never known anyone that’s used it for photos? (As I type, I realize I never asked my brother!).  But I’ve heard lots of good things about Photoshop, so wondering if we should get that, and Amazon has it on sale right now, plus a rebate, so need to act quickly!

Advice? Suggestions?

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