I’m a Cheater

I finally did it. I made an appointment for a haircut. It’s been over 2 months (the longest I’ve probably gone… ever!) No, I’m not growing my hair out, but I’ve just been procrastinating.  I’m not sure I really love the cuts I’ve been getting from my stylist lately.

When we moved, I wasn’t going to leave my original stylist. I figured I’d just drive an hour every 7-8 weeks. But she only worked during the week, so that didn’t last too long.

So I asked a friend on the south side where she went. And she referred me to Jamie. Who I loved… at first. She was great at making suggestions.  And I enjoy the time I spend in her chair. We were pregnant at the same time and always talk about the kids.  BUT… she always straightens my hair. And uses a lot of product. All things I won’t do myself, because I don’t like how it makes my fine and thin hair, look flat and lifeless after a couple hours. Don’t get me wrong, it looks ok, when I walk out, but after a couple hours, I don’t like it which is fine when I get my haircut on weeknights, because I generally go straight home (or to Target, then straight home).  BUT it’s the idea that she doesn’t realize how I style it myself when I come in. Maybe she’s trying to be nice in pointing me in another direction. I don’t know.

So now, I’m cheating. I just made an appointment at another salon that is even closer to home, but sounds pretty nice from their website and reviews at citysearch.  I guess we’ll see on Friday! Wish me luck!

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