Pulling myself up…

Seriously, work sucks.  Not necessarily my day to day stuff, but the whole career thing. I’m learning more and more that being a consultant maybe isn’t me.  But what is.

I know a lot of it is that I’m being pulled in 5 different directions at work (my contract and my consulting company) and that’s completely throwing off time for myself.

For example, today is my day off.

So far I have worked (plus I worked last night).   Put dinner in the crockpot, although how frustrating that I need to use a crockpot to get dinner ready on my day off!

I need to go to Target. But first I need to make a list, because I’m using my 10% coupon today. Big Target shopping!  I also have a phone call scheduled for WORK to talk about an interview for my next contract (which I don’t want, because it’s a 45 (at least) minute drive.  Then I have a haircut.

Plus my house is a disaster. My sister-in-law asked me if I wanted to go to the Children’s Museum with them today, because it’s my day off, but no, I’m dealing with work crap. The topper of this, is that I only have 2 Friday’s left!  My next contract will most likely be 5 days/week.

The whole point of working part-time was so that I could have a break for myself and time with Maria. I’m not getting it.  If Chad would let me, I would quit. I’d look for another job. but I’d quit without one.  Oh why won’t he let me?

oh.. cell phone someone from work is calling!

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